Financial Management

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Cyber Security

Axiologic Solutions has been performing A&A (and its predecessor Certification & Accreditation [C&A]) for over ten years. We have incorporated our experience to create the Axiologic Solutions Next Generation Assessment & Authorization Methodology - A2-TNGTM.

Systems Engineering

We address a wide variety of various uses, types of systems being built, maturity of the organization performing or receiving the SE results, and differences in personnel (including stakeholders) experience, expertise, and preferences.

Data Science

Axiologic Solutions doesn’t just “Do” data science – we live it and breathe it, through every project challenge including cyber security threats and identifying bias. Our range of professional services cover every step through the full data science lifecycle.

Enterprise Data Management

Data powers everything we do. At Axiologic, we help government better fuel innovation and empower greater mission success by managing data more effectively.

Application Software Development

Axiologic Solutions has extended the standard DevOps software development lifecycle to securely develop all types of software (business applications, analytics, automation, tools, intelligent systems) in compliance with the RMF.

Analytics Development

During the past five years, data analytics have been transitioning from mainly scientific and academic applications to a much wider commercial/business setting with complex integration points, such as data, technology, business processes, other analytics, and security.