Systems Engineering

Designing for mission success

Axiologic Solutions provides comprehensive systems engineering (SE) services that customize solution designs uniquely for each customer mission. We address various uses, types of systems being built, maturity of the organization performing or receiving the SE results, and differences in personnel (including stakeholders) experience, expertise, and preferences.

The Axiologic Solutions general approach to systems engineering (AS-SE) blends together various techniques and best practices that can be tailored for a multitude of scenarios, including:

  • ISO/IEC 15288 + CMMI-DEV – as the overall foundation describing core SE technical, management, and support functions
  • Classic Vee lifecycle – as the overall approach on how to sequence the various SE functions
  • Simultaneous Vee’s – to accommodate increased parallelism and concurrency
  • Agile Systems Engineering – to incorporate “agile” practices into the SE processes
  • Concurrent Engineering – to perform systems engineering activities concurrently in a controlled fashion
  • Specialized Risk Management – to use SE focused risk assessments
  • Lean Systems Engineering – to adapt lean management techniques into SE processes
  • Product Line Engineering – to use product line architecture techniques in designs
  • Evolutionary Project Management – to show project management techniques tailored
  • Extending MBSE with Live-Virtual-Constructive Pattern – to show the evolution of MBSE with emerging modeling simulation techniques
  • Quick Reaction Capability – to streamline SE when time is extremely limited
  • Open System Architecture Pattern – to use “openness” as a foundational objective of SE results
  • Digital Engineering – to help standardize the encoding of models in digital form facilitating evaluations and sharing
  • Data Science / Data Analysis – to improve the quality and depth of the analysis for key SE activities