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Systems Engineering

Problem. Solved.

Axiologic provides strategically focused systems engineering solutions for the most challenging problems in the defense, intelligence, and government communities. For us, systems engineering is a decision science at its core, a combination of content experts, tools, and procedures that allow us to look at a problem from different angles in order to produce the optimal solution.

Key to the success of this holistic approach to problem solving is the involvement of stakeholders through every stage of the project, from defining the problem, requirements, and metrics for success to implementing the solution. Whether it’s for an IT system, HR system, or logistics system, by working together we solve your most difficult problems with innovative, targeted solutions that advance your most critical missions.

Case Study

Modeling + Simulation = Process Improvement

A government agency with personnel, data centers, and networks spread throughout the world brought in Axiologic’s senior-level systems engineers to determine the most cost-efficient way to allocate resources to support the agency’s enterprise and missions.

Axiologic developed an advanced model and simulator that identify current cost inefficiencies and how to obtain optimal cost efficiencies throughout the enterprise. The model incorporates all aspects of operations, including number of users, user requirements based on position, bandwidth and network requirements, data storage requirements, and office space requirements, all the way down to the cost of computers, desks, and chairs.

With the model in place, our customer is now able to simulate in real time the most cost-efficient way to distribute personnel and operations support throughout the enterprise around the world.

Possible to Proven.