Financial Management

Representative Work

Supporting the financial needs of the government

Under NGA EMERALD Task Order 42, Axiologic Solutions supports the Financial Management Directorate (FM), Finance Office (FMF), and the Comptroller Office (FMC) in their role of managing, executing, and reporting on the NGA’s financial activities. In order to accomplish the NGA mission, Axiologic Solutions provides agency-level financial services. and facilitates FM audit readiness.

Primary FM related services we provide to the NGA include:

  • Preparing monthly and quarterly departmental budget execution reports, data calls, quarterly financial statements, and related footnote disclosures, required supplementary information, and NGA’s annual Agency Financial Report.
  • Support for the Property, Plant & Equipment Division’s engagement with Program Managers, Contracting Officers, and Directorate Budget Analyst to align requirements in accordance with the Cost Accumulating Framework.
  • Support for monthly journal voucher entries into the agency’s financial statement for the lifecycle of property to account for the agency’s property.
  • Support for the Financial Improvement and Audit Division, which functions as NGA’s audit liaison. Support for audit remediation activities, maintaining the NGA Multiyear Corrective Action Plan IMCAP), and multiple financial system assessments and improvements.
  • Support for the Financial Policy and Internal Controls Davison, which provides distinct agency-level financial services to enable core mission accomplishment. Support for identifications, interpretations, revision, and development of agency financial policy; establishment and maintenance of internal control systems to mitigate risks to agency financial reporting and ensure compliance with fiscal statutes and regulations; administering NGA’s Dormant Obligations.
  • Support for the Fund Certification Division, which certifies the availability and accountability of all NGA appropriated funds, ensuring that the use of funds is in accordance with relevant financial management regulations. Providing support to regulatory and procedural guidance to customers while researching and assisting with a wide range of financial issues.