About Us

Possible to Proven

Axiologic provides strategically focused Systems Engineering and Information Technology solutions that solve the most challenging problems for the defense, intelligence, and government communities. Our analytical and disciplined approach moves government forward by creating unique solutions that improve current infrastructure and strategic operations.

What sets Axiologic apart is our science-driven, solution-agnostic approach to problem solving. Our subject matter experts work side by side with our clients to diagnose the problem, identifying symptoms and separating them from causes. We then build and test models that address the entirety of the problem, and through this process, an optimal solution arises. Central to this approach is our continuous focus on the stakeholders and end users throughout the life cycle of the project. The integration of both the technical and human components, along with our understanding of the value of the mission, creates the greatest impact and achieves the most positive outcomes for our clients.

Whether it is an IT, process-improvement, tactics, techniques, or procedures solution, at Axiologic we show our customers what’s possible and then prove it can be done.

Our History

Founded in Fairfax in 2009 by two University of Virginia graduate students, US Navy Veteran Mike Chavira and US Army Veteran Tom Stauber, Axiologic Solutions as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) dedicated to solving the most challenging technical needs of our US government customers.

Our unique name refers to “axiology” — an element or property of a system that is perceived as very valuable by the system owner. Basically, the “science of generating value.”  We concentrate on elements of a system (of any type) that are critical to its value generation or success.

Axiologic Solutions received its first contract in the government intelligence space in 2010. Our ability to secure a number of prime contracts between 2015 and 2017 validated our engineering-centric corporate mission and launched the “Axiologic Way” as a mechanism for providing significant value to a wide range of government customers.

Corporate growth continued through 2020 as we delivered larger and more complex program support to our customers. By the end of that year, we had acquired Knowledge Link Inc., expanding our capabilities in data science, acquisition support and financial management. And in May of 2022, Axiologic acquired Data Intelligence Technologies, a move that has enhanced our competencies in data science, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

As a company, we continue to evolve and grow. Today, Axiologic Solutions and its 300+ employees provide strategically significant professional services focused on the mission success of the US defense, intelligence, and civilian communities, helping to ensure the security of our great nation.