Enterprise Data Management

Fueling government innovation with data

Data powers everything we do. At Axiologic Solutions, we help government better fuel innovation and empower greater mission success by managing data more effectively.

Most enterprises, including the government, continue to struggle with large-scale data and its management through its lifecycle (aka enterprise data management [EDM]).

The government has some unique data challenges, associated with the profile of their data environment:

  • Various data architectures
  • Large variety/heterogeneity from a large number of trusted and untrusted sources
  • Wide variety of analytical needs requiring different data organizations/representations
  • Unique security requirements
  • Data silos and historical lack of sharing among agencies
  • A variety of rules/regulations/laws that impose various restrictions (e.g., privacy, sharing, retention, rights)

Axiologic Solutions has created the Enterprise Data Management Methodology – LIFECYCLEedm™, which is a collection of best practices (including those from DAMA.org and the FANG group of companies) on how to perform enterprise data management using modern and effective techniques, over a five-level maturity model (similar to CMMI). Axiologic Solutions personnel use the LIFECYCLEedm to address the following critical areas of data management:

  • Data Source Management
  • Data Inventory Management
  • Model Management (ML, semantic, ontological, etc.)
  • Data Subscription Management
  • Vocabulary Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Fusion
  • Metadata Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Reference Data Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Governance
  • Training and Test Data Management
  • Data Provenance
  • Data Operations
  • Mission Assurance and DR/COOP