Government Acquisition Support

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Total acquisition lifecycle management support services

Under NGA EMERALD Task Order 15 (TO15), Axiologic Solutions provides total acquisition lifecycle management support services to the CAPE Directorate.

TO15 supports NGA leadership (via CAPE’s direct reporting structure thru the Chief of Staff to the DD/NGA) in making data-driven decisions to address a variety of enterprise-wide challenges. This support is concentrated in five functional areas aligned to corresponding divisions, which includes Cost Assessment (DXAC), Business Analytics (DXAD), Program Evaluation (DXAE), Oversight & Engagement (DXAO), and formerly the Planning & Program Assessment (DXAP).

The following acquisition support services are provided to the CAPE Directorate:

  • Cost Estimates / Forecasts for systems acquisition planning, programming, and budgeting.
  • Independent, data-driven analyses that provide objective and holistic observations, findings, and recommendations to NGA’s executive level leadership to inform decisions addressing agency business and operational challenges.
  • Formalized out-briefs and technical reports to document studies, assessments, and evaluations.
  • Enablement of cyclical agency-level processes for determining annual study topics through recommendations from Associate Directors, Directorate Heads, Resource Directors, and other senior-level mission / process owners. Process utilizes a scoring / prioritization schema to set the slate each year.
  • Capability for Resource Deputies to request independent programmatic assessments that directly inform annual program build for essential mission areas as part of the NGA’s mission imperatives construct.
  • Custom development of reports utilizing Decision Lens, Tableau, SPSS, R Studio, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Project.