Application Software Development


Support for emerging architecture style: Zero Trust, Data Centric Architecture.

There is an overall trend that government systems implement Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), in whole or in part, per NIST SP 800-207, to improve their cyber security posture.   

Axiologic Solution has defined ZEROon: The Axiologic Solutions Methodology for Adopting Zero Trust Architecture.  This methodology is a systematic description on how to achieve ZTA; it incorporates best practices from a variety of sources, including NIST, DoD, INCOSE, and the SEI.

Axiologic Solutions offers the following services in support of ZTA:

  • Systems engineering and architecting for new systems and applications using “zero trust” principles as described in NIST SP 800-207. We extend the foundation with our hands-on experience
  • Performing A&A of ZTA-based systems and applications, extending the RMF
  • Expertise to ensure the privacy and PII implications of data in ZTA
  • Using ML algorithms as part of policy enforcement in a ZTA

Data-centric Security Architecture. A data-centric security framework is comprised of layers of solutions designed to understand, govern, and secure all data – whether on-premises or in the cloud. This model approaches data security beyond the traditional, infrastructure-focused data security measures most organizations already take. We have defined some important data-centric security controls. These controls are then fitted over a proper enterprise-level data architecture.

Distributed Ledger Technologies & Blockchain.

As Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure becomes a viable technology with which to implement next generation distributed applications and workflows, we offer a series of related services.

  • Blockchain Adoption Strategy Derivation and Planning
    As part of their digital transformation, organizations will include some element of Blockchain/DLT in their Enterprise Architecture (EA). Adopting Blockchain/DLT is transformational for most organizations, so extensive up-front strategy/planning is typically required.
  • Distributed Application Development (Blockchain Development Services)
    We offer services around the full lifecycle of the development of Distributed Applications (DApps or Web 3.0 DLT), including digital Smart Contracts (Ethereum and others).
  • Blockchain Application and Infrastructure Cyber Security: RMF / A&A
    New Distributed Applications (DApps) and Blockchain infrastructure will need to be developed, configured, authorized, deployed, and operated in compliance with the RMF and the A&A requirements. We offer services to move these applications and infrastructures toward obtaining an ATO.
  • Blockchain-specific Data Science, Data Analysis
    In a Blockchain, the data is distributed among the entire network (decentralized). Since this data is typically public, there is an opportunity to perform significant data analysis on both the transactions and the transaction data. We offer such emerging data science and analysis services to analyze the Blockchain.

Digital Transformation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Smart Process Automation (SPA).

The government has embarked on a digital transformation set of initiatives. Axiologic Solutions offers digital transformation services (facilitated by our DIGITALIZEit™ Digital Transformation Framework), focusing on:

  • Services engineering covering business, technical, support and management processes, workflows, tasks, and activities.
  • New forms and types of data and information and their support for new government services and capabilities.
  • Business model transformation to identify new ways for the government to deliver value to its stakeholders.
  • Domain transformation that enables the government to rethink its mission and ways to achieve that mission.
  • Cultural and organizational transformation that focuses how people are organized, and how work is allocated.

Customer Experience.

Recent government focus is on improving customer experience 1) when the government interacts with citizens, as well as 2) improving the overall experience of consuming services (internally) by government personnel.

From a software application perspective, we offer expertise on improving customer experience based on advances in human-centered design and user experiences. This expertise is encoded in the Axiologic Solutions Customer Experience and Digital Customer Experience Methodology – EXPERIENCEit™.