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Strategic Planning Overview

In today's highly competitive and ever changing business environment, traditional planning methods such as budget oriented and forecast planning methods are often insufficient tools for achieving goals and allowing our client's to prosper. Axiologic Solutions helps to engage our clients in strategic planning that clearly defines objectives and assesses both internal and external processes to formulate the proper strategy, implement the strategy, measure and evaluate the changes made, and adjusting our clients processes to ensure our client's vision is attainable.

Mission & Objectives

One of the key components of a successful strategic plan includes an understanding of the firm's vision, mission, values and strategies. Axiologic Solution works with our clients to help them define their mission statement - this includes the unchanging values and purpose of the client's strategy. We then help our clients formulate forward looking, visionary goals that will guide our client's future opportunities.

Many people often mistake the vision statement for the mission statement - sometimes one is simply used as a longer term version of the other. However, they are meant to be quite different, with the vision being a descriptive picture of a future state, and the mission being an action statement for bringing about what is envisioned (e.g. the vision is what will be achieved if the company is successful in achieving its mission). For our client's vision and mission to be effective, they must become assimilated into the organization's culture. They should be assessed internally and externally. The internal assessment should focus on how members inside the organization interpret their mission statement. The external assessment ￿ which includes all of the businesses stakeholders ￿ is valuable since it offers a different perspective. These discrepancies between these two assessments can provide insight into their overall effectiveness.

Once our clients are working on a well defined mission and vision statements, Axiologic Solutions works with our clients to define measurable financial and strategic metrics to measure the effectiveness of our client's strategic plans.

Environmental Assessment

Axiologic Solutions works with our clients to assess their current internal and external analysis. The internal analysis can identify our client's strengths and weaknesses. Using six sigma and other systems engineering methodologies, Axiologic Solutions then works with to assess ways to improve upon those processes that were deemed to be our client's weakest areas. In performing the external analysis, opportunities and threats are identified. This external analysis helps to evaluate every phase of our client's business including the entry barriers, suppliers, customers, substitute products and industry rivalry. In evaluating our client's external environment by breaking up each phase of the business, opportunities and threats are more easily identified and allows our clients to better understand their overall environment.

Strategy Development

After Axiologic Solutions analyzes the information discovered from the environment assessment, we work with our clients to match their strengths to their opportunities that have now been identified. Simultaneously, Axiologic Solutions works with our clients to develop processes to address the weaknesses and possible external threats identified.

Strategy Implementation

Axiologic Solutions works with our clients to find the most effective and successful method to implement the selected strategy. Depending on the situation, this could be by simply implementing programs, budget changes and process reengineering.

Evaluation & Control

During the strategy development and implementation phases, Axiologic Solutions works with our clients to define metrics to measure the success and performance of any changes that have been made. This includes defining parameters to be measured, target values, comparing measured results to the pre-defined standards and making any necessary changes to ensure the strategy is aligned to the mission and vision statements.

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