We continuously strive to meet even the most demanding customer expectations through the rigorous application of the highest standards of integrity, assertive teamwork, diligent professionalism, and dedicated service. Axiologic Solutions Resource Planning (ERP) System, based on International Organization of Standards (ISO) 9001:2008, is a top – leadership driven, process-based, quality program designed to ensure the company’s products meet or exceed the requirements of even the most demanding customers. ERP employs a systems approach to manage the company’s interrelated processes in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Axiologic Solutions’ leadership employs the ERP to achieve the continual improvement of the organization’s overall performance, through rigorous process documentation and application, regular senior leadership management reviews, and factual decision making based on the capture and analysis of data. This enables Axiologic Solutions to effectively monitor and maximize quality.

Axiologic Solutions will use this systems-based approach to develop detailed schedules, staffing solutions, front end analysis, and to identify work activities required to successfully complete all Navy requirements. ERP processes, combined with regular leadership management reviews, will ensure early identification and effective resolution of issues, facilitate collection and tracking of metrics, and ensure effective program and project communication. Constant monitoring and reporting metric analysis and project status will be a cornerstone to contract planning and measuring our performance on all contract deliverables thus ensuring continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. Continual process monitoring and metric based decision making are the key elements to Axiologic Solutions’ risk planning, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring for all planning and coordination efforts. These elements enable us to manage critical project information and metrics, including cost, schedule, and quality metrics. We are applying in-depth risk management processes to ensure timely and compliant program execution, presenting a low-risk system.