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Data Science & Engineering

Make Better Decisions Faster

Axiologic’s approach to data science and engineering is unique in that we prioritize the human element before tackling the technological challenges. Our subject matter experts dig deep into who is using the data, how they are using it, and how could they use it better. Only then do we create mathematical models and equations that identify the trends and relationships in vast data sets that will best serve our customer’s mission.

We utilize AI and machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, and mapping capabilities in order to automate much of what was once done manually. We create a customer-friendly user interface with a single window that provides the data our customers need right when they need it.

Axiologic helps our intelligence, defense, and government customers streamline the process of collecting, integrating, and extracting the data they need in order to make better decisions faster. Instead of spending hours or days researching disparate data sets, our customers get mission-critical results in minutes.

Case Study

Modernizing Data for the Mission

A large government customer recognized its data systems were becoming too cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly. Most importantly, the systems were hindering their ability to get smarter intelligence faster so they could make mission-critical decisions. An Axiologic investigation identified a lack of both integration and automation of different data sets, and inefficient use of data storage to be the major contributors to the time and cost problem.

Axiologic created application programming interfaces to establish connections to the multiple disparate data sources. Since some of the data was noisy, a large amount of extract, transform, and load (ETL) was necessary. We added analytical and machine learning, mapping, and natural-language-processing capabilities to enhance and automate data analytics. We then integrated search, data, and analytics capabilities into a user-friendly GUI that delivered critical intelligence in minutes instead of days. In addition, we established a more efficient use of data storage based on the size and types of the data.

The new data system has proven to significantly reduce labor and storage costs. Most importantly, mission leaders now have access to higher-quality data intelligence at their fingertips.

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