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Cybersecurity Engineering

Masters at Managing Risk

Axiologic delivers full-spectrum cyber capabilities and cyber-resilient systems to our intelligence and defense customers. Instead of coming in with preconceived solutions, we take the time to learn about our customers, their stakeholders, their processes, and their needs. Only then do we define a path forward.

At Axiologic, our team of cyber experts, including information systems security officers, program managers, scrum masters, and technical writers, bring a breadth and depth of experience to every project and ensure system compliance within the requirements management framework process.

Whether it’s critical infrastructure security, application security, network security, or internet of things security, we have the experts, tools, and processes in place to ensure your information, operations, and personnel are safe and protected.

Case Study

Cyber Team Saves Project’s Life Cycle

A government agency called in Axiologic’s expert cybersecurity engineers to address problems that were delaying development of a critical enterprise-wide project. The cyber team reviewed the project at its current life cycle phase and quickly identified a number of issues.

Axiologic’s cybersecurity engineers’ extensive knowledge base and meticulous approach to meeting compliance standards allowed us to enter the project mid-life cycle. The team proposed mitigation strategies to development and project management and submitted documentation for risk acceptance approvals for an extremely large number of issues that were being reported erroneously. In addition, we introduced secure testing criteria that supported development requirements throughout the rest of the life cycle.

The risks were formally accepted, and many were closed. Continuous monitoring efforts were reduced significantly. This allowed the project to move forward, and it expedited the ATO. The client was so pleased with our work that it has since expanded our role in ensuring cybersecurity within the agency.

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